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Professional hairstylists provide a variety of treatments and styling options, aiming to enhance hair appearance, health, and self-confidence through various services like haircuts, coloring,and conditioning.


Salon Crayon offers professional skin treatments like facials, waxing, and wart removals, addressing acne, aging, and uneven texture, promoting healthier, radiant skin, and tailored to individual needs.


Our professional beauty services focus on enhancing personal grooming and appearance, including haircuts, shaving, eyebrow shaping, , and waxing, to boost confidence and self-presentation.

Whatever your look, we’ve got you covered with an extensive gallery of styles for you to choose from.


Our Popular Services


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Salon Crayon
Ladies' Hair-Cut

We create a variety of styles, ranging from short pixie cuts to long bobs, using various techniques and tools to achieve the desired look, based on customer preferences and hair texture.

Salon Crayon
Gents Hair-cut

We cut and style men’s hair to achieve desired lengths, using various techniques like clipper work, scissor cutting, and shaping, depending on customers personal style, hair type, and face shape.

Salon Crayon

We cut, style, and arrange hair to create a specific look, often influenced by fashion trends, cultural norms, and personal preference, allowing for versatile self-expression.

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